About the Report

The Frontline Research & Learning Institute’s annual report is now available, revealing insights into the state of school administration over the past three years.

This report is based on data from 3,882,730 employees and 54,062,639 absences, as well as 16,645,901 applications submitted and 885,200 jobs posted in K-12 organizations across the country. This represents the most comprehensive data set over the past three years, and highlights levers that K-12 education organizations can use to think more strategically about their absence management and hiring practices.

Download this report to discover:

  • What trends correlate with the substitute teacher shortage
  • Which teaching positions take longest to fill, and how the average days-to-fill for teaching positions has changed since 2017
  • How employee absences, substitute activity and hiring patterns differ between rural, suburban and urban school districts

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