The Frontline Research and Learning Institute works with the Johns Hopkins Center for Research and Reform in Education (CRRE) in several key areas:

  • Corroboration and validation of client questions
  • Provision of critical feedback regarding research goals and tools
  • Development of research/evaluation reports
  • Creative dissemination of research to the JHU network
  • Technical assistance in data analysis and evaluation

Importantly, CRRE has conducted several analyses on the representativeness of Frontline Education’s data vs. national norms. Their reports have found that the districts represented in Frontline’s data set are “reasonably representative of the population in terms of student characteristics.” See the full reports on the right-hand side.
Dr. Steven Ross  Principal Investigator: Dr. Steven Ross

“We are incredibly excited to provide research and technical assistance to the Frontline Research and Learning Institute,” said Dr. Steven Ross, Principal Investigator at the Johns Hopkins University CRRE. “The richness of the data set and its national reach are ideal for the work we plan to execute and the impact our findings will have in the K-12 education community.”


About the Johns Hopkins CRRE

Founded 135 years ago as America’s first research university, Johns Hopkins University is among the world’s great resources for education, discovery, and public service. Collaboration across academic disciplines and the various campuses, and with colleagues and organizations outside the University, is commonplace. This type of enriching interaction stimulates creativity and innovation, and often leads to exceptional insights and research breakthroughs.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Research and Reform in Education includes six Ph.D.’s and nine other research and support staff engaged in a wide range of research with a primary focus on K-12 youth from high-poverty communities. CRRE principal investigators are full-time researchers who are free to focus on high-quality longitudinal research, including many randomized and matched field experiments.


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