Welcome to the Frontline Research and Learning Institute.

When the Frontline Research and Learning Institute was established in January 2016, we set out to provide data-driven research, resources and observations that will support and advance the education community. The Institute is built on a foundation of thought leadership and a commitment to the service of school districts nationwide.

Leveraging the extensive statistical information that Frontline has amassed since its inception in 1998, the Institute represents a groundbreaking development in the improvement of K-12 systems through education technology. With exclusive access to millions of records from our human resources and professional growth solutions, the Institute will use that data to gain insight into research outcomes and implications for clients, partners and the education community as a whole.

Access to education data of this size and detail allows school districts to reflect on their own daily practice while measuring their progress against thousands of analogous organizations across the country. Providing benchmarks to inform strategic conversation and decision-making within client organizations, the institute expands the reach and impact of educators by providing critical insights into K-12 practices.

The Frontline Research and Learning Institute connects with primary research partners to review, evaluate and validate the data analysis and research methodology, publishing monthly reports and regularly scheduled research papers. We are proud to work with our esteemed advisory council and partners, including the Johns Hopkins University Center for Research and Reform in Education, who assist in formulating research focus and questions.

All publications and reports include exclusively aggregate and anonymous data, giving us an unbiased look at recurring trends and developments in education. We look forward to sharing these insights with you at a time when schools and educators need our support more than ever.

Elizabeth Combs | Managing Director