The Center for Research & Reform in Education Finds Frontline Data to be Representative of National Population for Student Characteristics

MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA – June 27, 2018 – Frontline Education, today announced that the Center for Research & Reform in Education (CRRE) at Johns Hopkins University has completed an analysis of the Frontline data set and determined that it is representative of the K-12 national population. As the most comprehensive and expansive K-12 data set in the country, Frontline offers unparalleled insights for the education community through the Frontline Research & Learning Institute. With a primary focus on K-12 research, CRRE works as a third-party organization to support and corroborate the research, data and reports of the Frontline Institute.

“The Johns Hopkins Center for Research & Reform in Education has conducted several analyses on the representativeness of Frontline Education’s data as compared to national norms,” said CRRE Principal Investigator, Dr. Steven Ross. “Our reports have found that the districts represented in Frontline’s data set are ‘reasonably representative of the population in terms of student characteristics.”

The Frontline Institute works with CRRE in several key areas including the corroboration and validation of client questions, provision of critical feedback regarding research goals and tools, development of research/evaluation reports, creative dissemination of research to the Johns Hopkins University network and technical assistance in data analysis and evaluation.

Led by Frontline Institute Managing Director, Elizabeth Combs and an institute advisory board comprised of leaders in education and research, the Frontline Research & Learning Institute began working with CRRE Principal Investigator, Dr. Steven Ross following its inception in early 2016. Since that time, the Frontline Institute has issued several validated research and reports, based on data from more than 5,800 school districts, including monthly and annual absence reports, a series of reports dedicated to ESSA and professional learning, equity in special education, and recruiting and hiring.

“With a data set that includes more than 43 percent of the nation’s school districts, we are uniquely positioned to provide relevant insights and data-driven research that bring critical information to light for the education community,” said Elizabeth Combs, Managing Director of the Frontline Research & Learning Institute. “The Frontline Institute is honored to have our work substantiated by the Center for Research & Reform in Education at Johns Hopkins.”

As the Frontline Institute continues to provide the education community with critical findings and insights, further confirmation of Frontline data’s representativeness is paramount to the validity and relevance of benchmarks that will ultimately inform strategic decision-making within K-12 organizations.

About the Frontline Research & Learning Institute:

The Frontline Research & Learning Institute is a division of Frontline Education, an integrated insights partner to K-12 school districts nationwide. The Institute is a learning organization dedicated to providing data-driven research, resources and observations to support and advance the educational community.

Driven by the vast amount of records across Frontline’s comprehensive solutions portfolio, the Institute leverages data from more than 12,000 K-12 organizations, representing over 80,000 schools and several million users to reach findings and provide benchmarks that inform strategic decision-making for the education community. The Frontline Research & Learning Institute works with Johns Hopkins Center for Research and Reform in Education to ensure all research reports and analyses are rigorously-validated and representative of national data.

About the John Hopkins CRRE:

Founded 135 years ago as America’s first research university, Johns Hopkins University is among the world’s great resources for education, discovery, and public service. Collaboration across academic disciplines and the various campuses, and with colleagues and organizations outside the University, is commonplace. This type of enriching interaction stimulates creativity and innovation, and often leads to exceptional insights and research breakthroughs.

The John Hopkins Center for Research and Reform in Education includes six Ph.D.’s and nine other research and support staff engaged in a wide range of research with a primary focus on K-12 youth from high-poverty communities. CRRE principal investigators are full-time researchers who are free to focus on high-quality longitudinal research, including many randomized and matched field experiments.


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