Class of 2020 Scholarship Recipients Prepare for Two and a Half Year Professional Growth Journey

Malvern, Pa. — July 24, 2018– The Frontline Research & Learning Institute, a division of Frontline Education, today announced that the three recipients of Frontline’s annual Learning Forward Academy scholarship will begin a two and a half year intensive professional learning program this week. The scholarships, $6,000 per participant, cover the total cost of the academy, travel expenses and a full day of onsite support from a Learning Forward executive.

“We are excited to support the ongoing professional growth of these amazing educators and look forward to seeing their growth and development throughout their time in the Learning Forward Academy,” said Elizabeth Combs, Managing Director of the Frontline Research & Learning Institute. “This is a rigorous and challenging program that provides incredible value to the participants and the students they will engage with and impact in the future.”

Scholarship recipients were selected from applications submitted by Frontline Professional Growth clients. Requirements included a passion for supporting and leading professional learning within the applicant’s organization, as well as willingness to share their experiences with others through the Frontline Research & Learning Institute.

“We are looking for entrants who are working to implement professional learning aligned to best practices,” said Combs. “Our recipients clearly demonstrated that alignment and leveraged data, a cornerstone of the Frontline Research & Learning Institute, to articulate their problems of practice and enhance their applications.

Recipient Kadesha Dean, a Curriculum Support Specialist in the Office of Professional Development & Evaluation in Miami-Dade County Public School, wants to develop better instructional approaches and professional learning experiences that meet the diverse needs of students and staff. Recipient Kristen Trompeter, an Instructional Supervisor in the Office of Professional Development & Evaluation in Miami-Dade County Public School, is working with her department to implement a multi-support model of professional learning for their new teachers at select sites. Recipient Matthew Jennings, the Superintendent of Schools in Alexandria Township Public Schools, is looking to discover ways that his district can provide teacher support for implementing lessons that require students to engage in cognitively complex tasks.

All Class of 2020 Frontline Scholarship recipients will have the space and time to work intensively and collaboratively to address their defined problems of practice. Their journey will be followed on the Frontline Institute blog and across Frontline social channels.

About the Frontline Research & Learning Institute:

The Frontline Research & Learning Institute is a division of Frontline Education, an integrated insights partner to K-12 school districts nationwide. The Institute is a learning organization dedicated to providing data-driven research, resources and observations to support and advance the educational community.

Driven by the vast amount of records across Frontline’s comprehensive solutions portfolio, the Institute leverages data from more than 12,000 K-12 organizations, representing over 80,000 schools and several million users to reach findings and provide benchmarks that inform strategic decision-making for the education community. The Frontline Research & Learning Institute works with Johns Hopkins Center for Research and Reform in Education to ensure all research reports and analyses are rigorously-validated and representative of national data. 

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