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Growth Metrics for K-12 Human Capital Management Part 3: Evaluations

Human Capital Management

What are the key metrics in K-12 human capital management that district leaders should monitor and benchmark against? After laying a foundation in the new report, we’ve been breaking down the findings in Part 1 (recruiting and hiring) and Part 2 (engagement and learning) of a blog series.

In this final installment, we’ll look at evaluation and feedback. What measurements are key indicators of an engaged and effective educator workforce, and what levers can leaders pull to improve outcomes for teachers and students?

KPIs for Evaluation and Feedback

1. Summative performance evaluations show differentiation that is aligned with educators’ demonstrated skills.

Accurately identify areas of strength and growth opportunities.

ACTION STEP: If your evaluation data are showing “inflation” or other inaccuracies, review the raw data and examine whether the aggregation process might be overshadowing highly valuable performance information that educators could be using to improve.

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2. Educators regularly collaborate with other educators in their subject areas, grade levels and across the curriculum.

Cultivate open and honest feedback that is delivered in a safe and productive way. Educators should find feedback plentiful and actionable, and mentors, coaches and evaluators should see improvement as a result of their feedback to educators.

ACTION STEP: Many educators report that the biggest impediment to collaboration is prohibitive scheduling. If your teachers don’t have sufficient time to collaborate, look at the schedule for opportunities to bring teachers together at least twice a week to talk about practice and plan for instruction.

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