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Newest Issue of The Line Invites Civil Discourse on Education Equity and Opportunity

Civil Discourse

I am delighted to announce Issue 4 of The Line, exploring the theme of equity and opportunity through the lens of civil discourse.

In my new role as editor-in-chief of The Line, I approached this issue with a unique perspective – one drawing on my own background as secretary of education for New Mexico. I am keenly aware of the diversity of education delivery and student experience across our vast nation – whether it be urban, suburban or rural.

For this publication to truly bridge divides, I believe it is critical that we include all voices and perspectives – not just those who readily align to our own beliefs or biases. With that goal in mind, we reached far and wide to bring you a diverse collection of education voices, geographically and ideologically. Unique challenges exist in every setting – as do unique and creative solutions.

Quality education must be delivered to all students – no matter where they are born or where they live. Through Issue 4 of The Line, I hope you are challenged by listening to diverse voices, convicted by lingering opportunity gaps and inspired by educators and education leaders everywhere who are not giving up.

I am committed to moving the needle when it comes to civil discourse. We have a long way to go, but we are counting on you to help us get there.

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Data Snapshot:

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Civil Discourse in Action

Anthony Carnevale and Roberto Rodriguez discuss the merits of the proposed merger of the Departments of Labor and Education. Read now

Do Suburban Hiring Practices Limit Diversity?

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The Last Word

Howard Fuller addresses fixes for educational achievement deficits among America’s most needy children. Read now

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Hanna SkanderaHanna Skandera

Hanna Skandera is Editor-in-Chief of The Line, bringing over two decades of executive leadership experience from a variety of private, public and non-profit organizations. Prior to joining The Line, Skandera served as Secretary of Education for the State of New Mexico, realizing record-breaking outcomes and significant culture changes. Formerly, Skandera held senior leadership roles in the Schwarzenegger, Jeb Bush and George W. Bush administrations. She is also a former Pahara-Aspen Institute fellow. Skandera is the founder and CEO of Mile High Strategies and the founder and visionary of Pathway 2 Tomorrow. She is currently serving as an advisor to several state leaders, non-profit organizations, foundations, start-up endeavors, and investors. Skandera is also a Chief in Resident with Chiefs for Change and a Superintendent in Resident with the Broad Center. Hanna’s current work with The Line as well as the Pathway 2 Tomorrow initiative is a natural extension of her commitment to growing organizational impact, changing organizational culture and delivering results across private, public, charitable and academic spheres.